Cleveland Browns v Carolina Panthers

Yessir! The schedule is out, & I must say, I feel that the Panthers can go right back to the Playoffs again! Let’s get this clear off gate: This is NOT a difficult schedule… ALL. I mean really the only teams challenging them are the Seahawks, the Colts, the Packers, & the Cowboys. As far as the NFC South goes Atlanta might push them (with their new coach & other acquisitions) but they still can grab 1 of the 2. The Saints without Jimmy Graham should be a cake walk, & I don’t care who Tampa Bay gets at Quarterback (Winston or Mariotta) the Panthers should still beat them handily. With that being said I see the Carolina Panthers losing no more than 6 games…..seriously! In my eyes it’s NFC South Champs again, & back to the playoffs….again!! Aight ya’ll, I’m OUT!!!

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