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Eddie Owens At Bubble - WOSF

Yes….if you haven’t seen it, make sure you go on YouTube & type in ‘Drake & Madonna’…..& you will laugh tooooooooo hard!!! Hahahaha!!! Drake brought Madonna on stage at the end of his performance @ “Coachella 2015” this weekend. She did this dance for him as he sat in a lone chair in the middle of the stage, finished her song, walked over to him, pulled his neck back (with force), & tounged my man DOWN!! Hahaha!!! Some folks are saying he didn’t like it because of his facial expression afterwards, but he said he “didn’t like the taste of her lipstick”. I say he was into it because he even caressed the back of her head at first, then she went ALL the way IN!! Drizzy hadn’t been kissed like that before, that’s all that was! Hahaha!!! Check it out when you get a chance & you be the judge…..I’m OUT!!!