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Being that The Dream writes his own lyrics, the stories shared were very telling of some deeper than rap situations he has experienced, the ladies he has experienced them with, as well as who he is as a man and the place he is at in his life.

Tricky Stewart added to the conversation revealing the plans for their joint business venture, Contra Paris. Although many assume Contra Paris is just a record label, that is only the tip of their platinum recording iceberg.

What is the difference between Crown and Jewel EPs?

The Dream: “The Crown is just more essential to what Dream would do. You know um, and what my classic material (is). It would fit into that line of the progression from what The Dream is, going into Crown. The progression of what I am as a song writer, going into those jam sessions and stuff are in actual Jewel. That will be in that place. So it’s trying to bridge the gap between this writing and production thing to the artist side so that everyone can understand it’s coming from one person.”

Crown EP Tracklist

  1. Prime
  2. That’s My Chick
  3. All I Need
  4. Fruition
  5. Throw It Back
  6. Cedes Benz

Not too long ago, The Dream released two of the six records, “That’s My Chick” and “Fruition.”

The Dream Releases Sexy Lyric Video For “That’s My Shit” Ft. T.I.

After listening to both individually they are two very distinctive flavors of who we know The Dream to be. However AC pointed out, if you listen to them sequentially, the story lines of the two may collectively make up a serious ever evolving relationship(s), quite possibly with the same woman. Based on how The Dream’s facial expressions evolved as AC elaborated why she felt that way, it’s safe to say she may be onto something.

“We’ll go with what you said!” The Dream exclaimed after tip-toeing around delivering a direct answer.


In recent interviews many have inquired about many facets of The Dream’s personal life and those who make up his family circle. In short, Mona Scott-Young would have a field day as there is a lot going on. A new man has revealed himself as Dream begins to share the lyrical makeup of “Prime”

All I Need

The Dream is no stranger to signing a marriage license. Just this past year, he embarked on his third marriage. The third time may very well be the charm he has been looking for as ‘finding the one’ is the basis of “All I Need.”

Throw It Back

The title of “Throw It Back” is self explanatory. However if you are lost in the sauce reference any Nicki Minaj video or performance. *Insert song and dance to “Anaconda” here*

Cedes Benz

This is an interesting record that will eventually segue way into the Jewel EP. After hearing this record it isn’t about whipping a luxurious Mercedes Benz around somebody’s hood. Check out what the Dream said it is really about in the interview above.

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