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The Teachers Forum” – That was Then, This is NOW!

Facilitated by Melissa Wade

Historically roadblocks prevented you from living your best life NOW.  Take progressive measures to undo what has been done.  Start where you stand.


Real Wight Loss – With Doctors Help

Facilitated by Physicians Weight Loss Center

Nicole Swanson – seminar leader – and her friendly staff of certified physician’s assistants will lead an extremely informative session about the significant life benefits that can be derived from a custom designed weight loss program supervised by a Doctor.  The use of personal weight loss counselors, flexible meal plans, medical consultations and behavior guidance classes will be discussed.  Come learn how to lose weight intelligently at Physician’s Weight Loss Center.


Car Buying With Confidence – The Johnson Automotive Group Way!

Facilitated bCar Buying Automotive Group

Travis Howard – a sales leader at Johnson Lexus – will lead an important seminar about how women can take steps to approach the car buying process with confidence.  Travis will outline how Johnson Automotive Group understands the normal anxiety that accompanies this process and has made adjustments to their sales techniques in order to ensure that all their customers –  and women in particular – feel welcome at Johnson automotive dealerships and are treated with respect at all times.


Using technology to streamline your life

Facilitated by  Lenovo

These days, being organized isn’t just about the state of your kitchen or closet. It’s about your tablet or personal computer too. A well-organized tablet or pc with useful apps can be a priceless tool in allowing your life to run more seamlessly. Join product experts from Lenovo as they share ways your tablet or pc can help you stay on top of your game.


Credit Score Shortcuts

Facilitated by Cousin Kera

How to raise your score for free and fast!

2:05pm – MAIN STAGE

Women’s Panel “I AM…….”

Facilitated by Karen Clark

I have the final say on who I am. Every day is new and I have the power to choose who I am and today I choose to be my best “me”

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