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Police Line Tape

Source: Joseph Devenney / Getty

A Boston police officer was shot and remains in a medically induced coma after he was shot in the Roxbury section of the city on Friday night. The man accused of shooting him was shot dead by police, after police say that he opened fire on the officer at a traffic stop, reports

The suspect in the shooting has been identified as Angelo West, 41, who was shot and killed around 6:40 pm. West’s body remained in the street where a crowd gathered until it was removed around 11:30 pm, according to  the Bay State Examiner.

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans said in a press conference that West had previously been convicted in another shooting involving police officers. Evans also said there is video of last night’s shooting incident, according to the Examiner.

The officer who was shot has been identified as John T. Moynihan, 34, who was taken to Boston Medical Center with a gunshot wound just under his right eye. Commissioner Evans described Moynihan’s condition as “critical.”

Predictably, the scene in Roxbury was tense after the officer was shot, first evident on Twitter with the trending hashtag #Roxbury, with residents saying the police were out in full force.

The Boston Globe reports that “A brief scuffle broke out at the scene about 9:30 p.m., when a group that appeared to be upset over the shooting began shouting and swearing at police. Shoving broke out as police moved the yellow tape back.”

Many Roxbury residents wanted to know why West’s body was left in the street for so many hours, and were answered by Boston PD second in command, William Gross, via a video uploaded by someone on the scene.


The Examiner reports:

Gross responded that the body remained in the street because they were waiting for the district attorney and medical examiner to clear the scene and permit the body to be removed. Gross stressed that they did cover the body.

Gross was then addressed by a man who said, “I heard you guys cuffed him after he was bleeding and crying and he remained cuffed.”

Gross replied, “That’s training. I didn’t know that. I wasn’t here for that.”

Officer Moynihan was credited with helping save a transit officer wounded in the Watertown shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers days after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, according to The Boston Globe.

Reports also confirm that a woman was shot that night, according to police, but it’s not clear how she sustained her non-life-threatening wounds.


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