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The New York Times published a quiz on their site that begged the question: Are You On Fleek? Apparently we need a 12-question quiz so that we can found out “how linguistically en vogue” we are. What they really meant to say was–we gathered up a whole bunch of Black slang and defined it to the best of our ability. Can you guess what these slangs mean?

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But not to worry, this is New York Times, so you know they did their research:

“To get a sense for which of today’s emerging terms are on the rise, which are fading and which may have longevity, Jack Grieve, a linguist at Aston University in England, analyzed almost one billion tweets from the millions of Twitter users within the contiguous United States. Not surprisingly, Mr. Grieve found that “lexical innovators” – those people are in the vanguard of word usage – are overwhelmingly young. More specifically, a disproportionate number are young Black women in the South and young white men in the West and North.”

So this analysis found out what we already know–Black people, especially Black women and White men (we’ll address the elephant in the room, it’s more than likely gay men from the North and the West) are vernacular trendsetters. Thanks, we know. Vine user Peaches Monroee was the creator of fleek and and been the one of the biggest viral moments since Kanye stormed the stage, both times.

Why is it that when mainstream (read: White people) notice a Black trend, it becomes the new thing, the latest piece of pop culture to hop on to? But when Black people use said slang, it’s looked down upon or even called “ghetto.” Doesn’t seem fair to us, but such is life. We wonder what Black Twitter has to say about this?

Take the NY Times quiz here and see if you know Black slang as well as they do.



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