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Not too many people are hanging around in the entertainment industry after their 70th birthday, but Garrett Morris is one of the few.

He was part of Saturday Night Live’s inaugural season 40 years ago and will be part of the celebration on February 15 that also includes Eddie Murphy.

“Providence has blessed me,” Morris says. “I can’t say God no more because I’m a Buddhist but it’s blessed me,” Morris says. He’s now appearing on the hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls on CBS.

Morris says his favorite skit on SNL was one called “I’m Going To Get Me A Shotgun and Shoot All The Whiteys I See.” Imagine how that would play today with social media. ”

“On Truth or Consequences” [host] Art Linklater used to invite people onstage to do their thing,” Morris explains. “An old lady from North Carolina had written a lot of songs and I swear her favorite song was ‘I’m Going to Get Me A Shotgun and Kill All the N-Words I See.” I had nothing at improv and I thought about that story. I’ve been in New Orleans where everybody knows me and I’ve had guys who look like they were extras in Deliverance and they see me and say ‘Garrett Morris, that’s you, that’s my favorite thing you’ve ever done and they start singing that song.”

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