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Gilbert and Laura

Does Gilbert Arenas have some issues with his ex-fiancée Laura Govan. If you go by his recent Instagram posts he just might. Last week, Laura’s brother-in-law Los Angeles Clippers star Matt Barnes read her baby sister and his estranged wife Gloria for filth on Twitter for attending the red carpet premier of The Wedding Ringer. Barnes accused Gloria for being all about the Hollwyood life and not focusing on their children, in tweets he later deleted.  Later, attacked Gloria via Laura’s Instagram post for being part of a topless photoshoot featuring her sister that was being shot by actor Lance Gross. Now, Arenas has eyebrows raised after he made a series of posts on his Instagram account some feel is all about Laura.

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Yesterday, the former NBA star posted a photo stating he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship with this generation, because he wasn’t smart enough. In the caption Arenas criticized those trying to chase fame and not getting respect. Arenas remarked:

Too many ppl wanna be famous…#wakeupcall101#money #power #respect in that order…work ur ass off too get that #money then u can dictate ur moves#power….then with the moves u make ppl will notice you #respect…I’ve never been too an ALLSTAR game I wasn’t apart of…why am I celebrating with cats who out worked me #backinthelab…I see ppl on red carpet events who not even in the movies WTF#newsflash so your spending ur money to look fly for a free event that ppl who are in the movie got paid to do? bank account just went promoters stunting in clubs like the bottles ain’t freetake the money so YALL can pay for the 1bed room apt you stay in….fake ballers..until u put a license plate on ur car IT AINT YOURS clowns..2013 Bentley with dealer plates..doesn’t take 2 years to get ur plates…..if u get ur bills paid or gifts for sex #LADIESur a #HOOKER sorry..It’s like the fake is trying to impress the fake…for all the young kids out there…#denzel #jayz #kanye #beyonce #drdre#tigerwoods #kobe #kevinhart every billionaire are not lookn for attention their lookn for new ways too build up that empire….being relevant pays#zero…stop looking at the clowns who are hot at the moment…#hardwork still rules this world.

Later, Arenas denied in another post he was throwing potshots at the Govan sisters and was just talking about Hollywood in general. His photo however, did make many wonder if he was speaking the truth. In the caption Arenas said:

My last post was about the #hollywoodlifestyle not the#govansisters.. Everyone lives life how they see it,not for me too judge or care…as long as my kids are safe#laura is A okay in my book…if everyone is happy with the way they live life then let them be…#2015noshade I just post topics I see…

The following day Arenas’ made another posting which made his followers question if he was trying to repair his relationship with Laura or was it all for their upcoming reality series. Arenas stated:

you can’t get back today…never go to sleep angry..each day is a new day with its new problems…let the pass go, u need space to deal with current problems and blessing that may come ur way.


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