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36-year-old father Jerame Reid was fatally shot by police officers during a traffic stop in Bridgeton, New Jersey. According to reports, Reid was a passenger in a Jaguar police pulled over around 9:20 p.m. on Dec. 30. Investigators have revealed few details about the shooting or the traffic stop, but witnesses say Reid had his hands in the air when he was fatally shot, reminiscent to the controversial shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

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Victims pulled out their cellphones, showing the aftermath of the shooting, “Wow, they just killed that dude, yo!” A young man recording the officers searching the car after they shot Reid. An eye witnesses told local news, “The cops were saying, ‘Don’t move, don’t move, don’t move,’ and then the next thing you know, we heard six gunshots.” Six. Gunshots.

Another witness claimed, “One on the driver’s side shot straight through the windshield as if he was trying to shoot the boy in the head. According to police, there was a firearm recovered on the scene, implying that Reid and the driver were armed at the time of the confrontation. The driver of the Jaguar has been brought in for questioning and the officers involved (Braheme Days and Roger Worley) have been placed on administrative leave.

Reid leaves behind a 3-month-old son, his cousin Keesha Springs confirmed. “He was a good kid. He had a troubled past, but after that, he became a good person. I love my cousin. Everybody has their bad times. He had his bad times, but he was very loveable,” Springs said.

At first, it was unarmed Black men who were being shot and killed by police. Now, these Black men are starting to find themselves in confrontations with the authorities and this time, many of them are reported to be armed. Antonio Martin was shot and killed by police after reports claim Martin and his friend were approached by police and then pulled a gun on them. Martin’s tragic death still doesn’t add up and now Jerame Reid’s death is right behind his.

Investigators revealed few details about what led to the shooting or the initial traffic stop. As of now, none of those details are available in any reports as of yet. Why?

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