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In 2014, a lot of folks expressed their opinions. But not enough folks expressed informed opinions, as professional punditry has made a lot of people rich who are better at foaming at the mouth than they are actually sharing relevant information.

Fortunately, you could always come to Blackamericaweb.com to hear from some folks who had some actual information/experience/education behind their thoughts. Here are our top 10 commentaries of 2014 as selected by clicks, comments, and social sharing.

How Black Do You Have To Be To Be Black Enough?

BAW newcomer Zach Burgess struck a chord with his column on Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson, who it was said wasn’t “Black’ enough for some of his teammates.

Some People Are Mad At Charles Barkley Because He’s Right

CNN broadcaster and BAW columnist Don Lemon also captured the attention of readers with his take on the always controversial Charles Barkley. 

Don Lemon: Are We Too Sensitive About Race?

Months before the shootings of Michael Brown of the killing of Eric Garner, a CNN panel debated whether Americans had become too sensitive about race.

Should Pastor Apologize For Calling Black Women Hoes?

Longtime BAW columnist Michael Cottman took on Pastor Andy Thompson who made controversial comments about ‘hoes’ in a sermon that went viral. (Later in the year, Pastor Jamal Bryant would also use the term. Sigh.)

Do What The Cops Tell You

Our esteemed leader Tom Joyner took on a police officer who suggested that people would avoid bad results if they simply did what the police ordered no matter what the circumstances.

Year In Review: Top 10 Commentaries of 2014  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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