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Addicted is about to hit theaters and Zane fans are more than ready to see their favorite sexy characters come to life. Although Zane, according to Tasha Smith, looks more like a sweet librarian than the queen of erotica, she’s made an empire out of publishing books that delve into steamy female fantasies.

But Addicted does deal with a real-life problem – that of sex addiction.

“It’s a true addiction that happens with gambling, alcohol, drugs – there’s a correlation and I hope that comes across,” Zane says. “It’s one thing if you’re going out being promiscuous.

It’s another thing if you’re doing it and you truly can’t help it. In the movie, Zoe knows she’s doing it, but this is something she can’t help doing it but she doesn’t know why she’s doing it. Usually that behavior is a symptom of a much deeper problem.”

Zane says Addicted started as a short story and is based somewhat on the experiences of a friend who is a therapist in Atlanta. That inspired Nervous, the follow-up about a woman with multiple personalities which is in talks to become a movie as well.

Addicted with Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe, William Levy and Tyson Beckford is in theatres on Friday.

“Men are going to be happy when their women come home from this movie,” Zane says. “I can’t wait to see what the audience reaction will be.”

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