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They’ve been described by counter-terrorism officials, and by the man in charge of U.S. defense, Chuck Hagel, as the most frightening terror group ever!

As we’ve seen in their horrific, propaganda videos, they will stop at nothing, including beheading innocent journalists, contractors and civilians.

As you heard in the first beheading video, the masked executioner, wielding a knife, is not afraid to call out the leader of the free world, President Obama.

Ten days later he did it again just before he blazingly and barbarically cut off the head of another American journalist for the world to see.

ISIS is changing the terror game, especially here in America.

Here’s why: When we think of home grown terror the first image that usually comes to mind is that of a Timothy McVeigh or a John Walker Lindh; Midwestern looking, nondescript, young white men with close cropped hair and dead eyes, not a bearded, hipster looking, young black, American man.

But the last two Americans to die while fighting for the ISIS are black men.

Douglas McArthur McCain and Abdirahmaan Muhumed are believed to have died in the same battle while fighting for the extreme jihadist group.

Counter-terrorism experts believe that Muhumed’s Somalian heritage may have made him more prone to believe ISIS rhetoric.

But McCain had no such ties.

It is believed that both young men were susceptible because they had become disillusioned with the American dream.

Now, ISIS, promising to “divide America in two” is using recruiting tactics like no other terror group before them and are capitalizing on that disillusionment by trying to recruit African Americans.

The Washington Post is now reporting that ISIS is trying to use the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri to their advantage.

They say the divide between government and black citizens is “confirmation that the terrorist group’s ideas of oppression and racism in America are completely accurate.”

The Post reports that ISIS has created hashtags on social media targeted directly to black Americans- #FergusonUnderIS and #ISISHERO.

CNN security analyst tells me quote, “I think what we’re seeing here is British Pakistani militants projecting their experience on African Americans. They believe that since racism and class prejudice drove them to radical Islam they’ll encourage the same here. Problem is Salafi (Takfiri) Islam never found a perch with African Americans.”

Baer says, “For a while after 9/11 the Department of Justice was worried African Americans would be radicalized in prison, but it never came about. But, if racism here picks up more than it already has, will African Americans embrace radical Islam?”

Baer’s answer?

“Who knows?”

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