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Meet Justin, a beautiful 6-year-old little boy born with Congenital Tracheal Stenonsis with Malacia (under developed airway).  Who spent the first 10 days of his life in a an induced coma, and was trached at 10 days old. His trachea is his only source of air and can only breathe for 30 seconds max, should his trachea become dislodged or blocked, before dying or suffering permanent injury to his brain. I myself have had to revive him with CPR several times. His voice box is also connected to the stenonsis and so he cannot speak like you and I. But, being the clever little boy that he is, he created his own language, a “quacking” to communicate with us.

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Justin has spent the majority of his short life in an out of hospitals and have undergone numerous surgeries, including multiple fail attempts to reconstruct his airway. He requires the use of several medical devices/equipment and medications daily for him to maintain any quality of life. His ENT has referred him to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a another attempt to reconstruct his airway.  CCH are the pioneers of this type of surgery, so the chances for sucess are much better. However, this will require us to make multiple trips to CCH before & after surgery.  In addition, he has been referred to a  Pediatric GI Specialists in Columbus, Ohio, for his digestive system following his reconstruction surgery. Unfortunately, we are unable to afford the numerous expenses that these will generate as we are a single income family. I had to stop working when the twins(Justin has a twin sister Jordyn) were born, to care for them and to take him to and from doctors appointments and therapies, in and out of town.

In addition to the tracheal stenosis, he has Colonic Dismotility (abnormal intestines), and feeds through a G-Tube, Austism Spectrum Disorder and a  mild form of Cerebral Palsy.  He requires 24 hrs a day care and observation, but allows none of it to dampen his spirit. He is a fighter, a ninja, I call him my “soldier boy”, for he has fought for his life from the second he was born.

The bible says “we have not because we ask not”. I am hereby reaching out to you our friends and family asking you to please assist us in raising money for medical co-pays, travel and living expenses. His twin sister has to come with me as I have no family here to care for her, so I am unable to stay in a hospital for 4-6 weeks.  

Please help Justin get an airway by donating, no amount is to big or small. Then encourage your family and friends to do the same by sharing this page. Thank you in advance for your contribution financially and prayerfully. I pray God blessings upon you always.


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