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Well today was the filming of the LHHATL Reunion… and word is buzzing around the net about a brawl between Joseline and Althea. Word is Joseline was fighting Tammy and Althea jumped in and put hands on Joseline. Althea is claiming the “W” via social networks but others are saying she jumped Jose-Line. Now if you remember Eric (SCRAPPY BABY MOMMA) attempted a fight with Jose some seasons back and learned she couldn’t whoop a man so I’m not sure about this WIN Althea is claiming. Below is a very sketchy video that showed up online from the reunion taping……

Also beefing is SUPPOSE TO BE STEVIE J and ZINO I don’t believe this one…. Fric and Frack know how to be media hires so I wouldn’t say this beef is legit…..

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J did the unimaginable on Monday night and leaked a racy photo on Instagram of fellow co-star Benzino’s fiancèe performing fellatio. Stevie initially claimed that he was the man in the bathtub receiving oral sex from Althea Hart in the flick, captioning it:

“Lettuce anyone.”

After the photo went viral, Althea took to Twitter and explained that the image was of her performing oral sex on Benzino, not Stevie J.

“That’s me and Zino. What you want, tickets?” She later added, “Yup that’s a pic of me and Zino. Not me and random dudes like your hoe. REAL AGAINST THE FAKE!!”

If you are not familiar with the story line, Stevie J and Althea are rumored to have had a sexual past. In response to Thea’s tweet, Stevie quipped back:

“No @Althea_Heart my beefcake wouldn’t fit on the screen. Few surprises for you tomorrow ma.”

There has been ongoing beef between the Benzino, Althea, Stevie and his wife, Joseline Hernandez. And as Stevie suggested, it sounds like there is more drama to come.