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Well, well, well…I’m sure NONE of us thought that this would be the situation, but it is! The Miami Heat are now down 3-1 to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals!! Yes, that’s right folks, I apologize. I know I said that the Heat would take this pretty easily, & I was WRONG…VERY WRONG (hey I can admit my mistakes!). As we all see now, it seems like the Heat are just not driven. They are not hungry anymore in my opinion (well most of their players anyway), & unless they get real hungry real soon this will definitely be ‘good night irene’. The Spurs are playing like this because they are hungry, & they want some get back from last year! That’s what you see in their play & that’s what drives them, but the Heat don’t have anything driving them now. Do I think it’s over? Do I think they can force a game 7? Like I stated earlier, they better get real hungry real soon or seriously, this one is a wrap….just like my blog. I’m OUT!!!


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