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You know all those things you swear you’re going to do before you die? is where you keep track of them. Bucketlist is a web-based personal intentions system, a social network, a repository of interesting stories and a way to meet people who think like you do.

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This is a goal-setting and reaching site that will help you track all the things you want to do in your life before you kick the bucket. This site is literally a place where you can jot down your life’s ambitions, then tell the story once they’ve been accomplished.

A recent study showed that people who write down their goals, and share them with friends to be more accountable are over 33 percent more successful than people that just write them down. You can and should use Bucketlist to chronicle your accomplishments, to find other goals you might find interesting and to encourage others to get it done.

Here’s how it works:

1. Log in. Take a few minutes to add information to your profile (general location, interests, social networks, a bit of information about yourself). Adding profiles will make the site more enjoyable for everyone, and will help people find people with similar interests.

2. To add an item to your bucketlist, click the “Quick Add” link in the main menu. Please include a few sentences describing what it will take to accomplish your goal. Want to add fancy formatting, links, images or video to your Notes? See Adding Media.

3. Add a few tags to your goal — descriptive words like “Nutrition,” “Adventure, or “Politics.” Separate your tags with commas. Adding good tags will help other people find your goals from the Search pages.

4. After you complete your goal, you’ll be invited to edit its Notes and Tags fields again. Now is the time to add the story describing how you completed your goal. It works best when you add photos and video describing how you did your thing.

FYI: Newly added items go straight to the top of your list, but you can easily re-order it — just click the Reorder List button at the bottom of your list, then drag and drop to change item order.

Now it’s up to you. Set your goals and get them done. We only get one life!


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