Donald Sterling

Why is Donald Sterling going in on Magic so hard??? I know you’ve heard or heard about his recent interview with Anderson Cooper. Maaaaannnn!!! I mean really, CLEARLY this man does NOT LIKE Magic Johnson!! I mean, but for what reason? You can actually fix your mouth & say “What has he done for minorities”? Really Donald?? Then the biggest stab…”He walks around with the AIDS”. Yes that’s not a typo, he said “with THE AIDS’ like it’s an item. I’m just going to say this…Magic already knows that he made some bad decisions & that’s why he got HIV, but that’s in the past. He has grown by leaps & bounds as a man, a TRUE business man, & yes Donald Sterling, a role model. So attacking him at this juncture from that angle is purely ridiculous. Let’s just continue to focus on YOU & your bad decisions, how about that. Stop trying to shift the spotlight off of you buddy, because it’s not working….you’re still on stage. I’m out!

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