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She may have been killed off on Person of Interest but that didn’t stop Taraji P. Henson’s flow. She wanted to be written out because she wanted to pursure movies while roles were there for the post-40 actress. Not only did she just host BET’s Celebration of Gospel 2014, she’s in three movies this year, she’s also scored the lead for the Fox show Empire, created by Oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels.

We caught up with the single mother, Oscar nominee and Howard graduate to talk life, love and her latest movie, the golf drama From The Rough. Tell me about the new movie you have coming out.

From the Rough hits theaters April 25. It’s the true story about this amazing woman Dr. Catana Starks. She’s the first woman to take an all-male golf team to the NCAA Division 1 championship and win. From an HBCU by the way. Her record to this day has yet to be beaten. One her players went on the coach Tiger Woods. This film is in theaters but it was delayed for a while. When you have a film starring an African-American woman the taboo in the industry is that we can’t open films or that they don’t do well. So it makes it very difficult for stories like this to be told. It was hard getting it to this point and we did. We’re only being released in 200 theaters. So for the people who are always saying ‘We want better role models. We want to see women in a better light.’ Go out there and support it.

You’re also in Think Like A Man Too.

It was a lot of fun. A lotta, lotta fun. We filmed it in Vegas. One of the couples gets married. That’s all I can tell you or I’ll have to kill you. They’e been doing like test screenings…we were all in the Bahamas celebrating [producer] Will Packer’s birthday this weekend. Tim Story, the director was there and he told me that people who’ve seen it say it’s funnier than the first one. Some say it’s better than the first one. I can’t wait to see it with an audience. I’ve seen it in bits and pieces and it looks amazing.

What’s happening with Empire?

Well, we did it. It’s in the can. [Lee Daniels]said he had six days to edit it and then turn it in to studio and network. Now we wait. It was amazing. The story is out of this world and if Fox has the guts to pick it up, it will change the face of prime-time television.

What? Like that?

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