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al sharpton with girlfriend aisha mcshaw - al sharpton with girlfriend aisha mcshaw

The things you learn when you poke around. Wow.

The Smoking Gun is, and always has been, one of the most consistent and reliable places for truth on celebrities. The things they uncover tend to send a plume of intrigue through the news media.

This time, they turned their watchful eye on Reverend Al Sharpton. What they uncovered was absolutely fascinating. Everyone knew that Sharpton’s younger life was riddled with dark corners and shady alibis. But some of them will leave your jaw on the floor.


1. Al Sharpton was an FBI snitch


2. He attended a Super Bowl party with the First Family

barack michelle obama family - barack michelle obama family


3. Denies being a snitch in his book and in interviews


4. In his 60 Minutes profile, they ignored his snitching history

al sharpton 60 minutes - al sharpton 60 minutes

5. His activist non-profit, the National Action Network, pays him around $250K a year

national action network logo - national action network logo


6. Sharpton snitched on Don King

don king promotional photo - don king promotional photo

*BONUS* Dead Prez called out his snitching four years ago (fast forward to 6:35)


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