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Perhaps someone needs to organize a march to protest the King family mess. Bernice King, the daughter of  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., held a press conference last week where she pleaded with her brothers not to sell their father’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize.

“I implore you to consider the magnitude of this moment in history and how you want your individual legacies to be defined,” King said at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Just stop the madness. The forever feuding King kids are out of control.

King’s estate is run by his two sons, Martin Luther King III and Dexter King. The estate’s lawyers filed court papers on Jan. 31 asking a judge to order their sister, Bernice King, to surrender the items.

Bernice insists that King III and Dexter have contacted people who want to buy the Bible and the Noble Prize. A judge, who is trying to mediate a temporary solution, set a deadline for the items to be placed in a safe deposit box and Bernice King says she will comply with the judge’s order.

“It is, deep in my soul, difficult to place what my father described as precious heirlooms under the custody of the government, even if only for a season,” she said. “Yet, I recognize that justice and righteousness are not always aligned, and there is often a disconnect between God’s law and man’s law. With God’s help, I can only believe that the judge’s ruling is not a setback but an opportunity for my brothers to step up to reason and do what their conscience tells them is right,” she said.

Are Martin III and Dexter so desperate that they need to cash in on their father’s personal mementos? Here’s an ironic twist: When King was notified of his award, he announced that he would turn over the prize money – $54,123 – to support the civil rights movement.

Fifty years after King unselfishly donated his Nobel Prize money to his campaign for social justice, his children are fighting each other in court over the same Noble Prize medal – for money.

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