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marijuana commercial man sells sushi - marijuana commercial man sells sushi

It’s finally here. The United States’ first broadcast television commercial featuring marijuana will soon hit major television networks like Comedy Central, Food Network (duh), A&E and several others in New Jersey.

States like New Jersey and Michigan have started allowing for medical marijuana, but it was Colorado and Washington that were the first to legalize the drug for recreational purposes. They, however, aren’t the only ones. Looking to gather favor with voters (lest they get voted out and have to work real jobs), politicians across the country are softening their stances on legalizing marijuana.

In fact, as of March 3, thirteen states are weighing medical marijuana legislation. One of those states is Florida and anything that would chill those ‘Stand Your Ground’ folks out would be fantastic.

Marijuana dispensaries allowed to deposit their money in banks

hands counting hundred dollar bills cash money - hands counting hundred dollar bills cash money


Even though marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and Washington were making a killing they couldn’t deposit their money in banks. Nevermind all the illegal Mexican cartel money they were laundering and all the risky investments they undertook that almost bankrupted the country. No way they could take upfront money from a legal business with all that potential Federal hypocrisy blowing up their buttcheeks.

Well, no more. Banks can now accept marijuana dispensary money because the Feds have eased restrictions. Now, dispensaries will have to go without services on major holidays like Columbus Day and Presidents Day, just like us!

Marijuana case filings plummet in Colorado

man being arrested - man being arrested

Once recreational marijuana use was legalized in Colorado and Washington it was a certainty that the number of cases involving marijuana that were clogging up courts systems would plummet.

So there are at least two states now where the disproportionate arrests of Blacks and Latinos for drug usage might actually become more representative of racial population distribution. Yeah, right. Who are we kidding?

Washington and Colorado working to keep stoned drivers off the road

drinking and driving display - drinking and driving display

We knew it would happen. With greater responsibility comes idiots that will mess it all up. In the only bad news surrounding these marijuana developments people that are new to marijuana usage are still hitting the road while high. Somehow, all the yelling and screaming against drunk driving hasn’t translated to these dummies. To create campaigns against ‘high driving’ Colorado is borrowing money from the federal government. We suppose those marijuana tax checks haven’t started kicking in yet. Yet.

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