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On “Inside Her Story” this morning, Jacque Reid talked to Jordan Davis‘ mother, Lucia McBath. McBath says that despite the outcome of the Michael Dunn trial she still believes justice will be done and she forgives her son’s killer. Here is their conversation:

JACQUE REID:  You know, many of us are still trying to process the verdict in the Michael Dunn trial. Dunn used “Stand Your Ground” as his defense against shooting and killing Jordan Davis because Davis and his friends were playing loud music in their car. Now that the jury deadlocked forcing a mistrial on murder charges against Dunn, a new trial is set for the future. Meanwhile, a mother, who lost her son, is working to make sure other mothers don’t suffer the same pain. I’m going Inside Her Story with Jordan Davis’s mother Lucia McBath. Good morning, Mrs. McBath.

TOM JOYNER:  Oh, bless your heart.

LUCIA MCBATH: Good morning, good morning.

TOM JOYNER: Bless your heart, Mrs. McBath.

Jacque: Now you are still in DC this morning and you were there for President Obama’s announcement yesterday about My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which is about finding more ways to create pathways of success for boys and young men of color. Did you get an opportunity to meet with President Obama yesterday? I know there was a lot going on.

Lucia: Oh, there were so many people there. I didn’t get a chance to shake his hand, but we were sitting just two rows from him. So it was just so exciting to be a part of history and to see him in person. I was just extremely encouraged by yesterday’s events.

Jacque: The parents of Trayvon Martin were also there, and I know that you all had been in touch through what you had been going through with your son and the trial and everything. How helpful had they been through all of this?

Lucia: They have been extremely encouraging. You know, we have always been talking back and forth, texting back and forth, and particularly during our trial. Our communication was a little bit more rapid and increasing. And they were with us yesterday; we sat right next to them yesterday. And I think that, you know, it’s kind of like collation building for the two families, that we’re going to be working together, working very closely, going forward towards really making some change with the laws so that, you know, no other family has to suffer the way we have.

Jacque: Now I know next month you guys are going to be addressing the state legislature about Stand Your Ground. Do you think that law will ever go away?

Lucia: It will. It will have to. There’d be so much public pressure, and public opinion, definitely, about the law beginning to change, the more that each state individually knows about the law. The citizens are learning about the laws in their individual states. It’s going to have to change. t’s a matter of just changing the culture. We have to change the gun culture in the country. Once we change the mindset it will happen. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it will happen.

Tom: Will we see you March 10th in Tallahassee?

Lucia: Yes, sir. I will, we will be there. We’ll definitely be there; we will not miss that for the world.

Tom: Tell your husband I’m going to hug you real tight.

LM: Okay.

Tom: I’m going to hug him too.

Lucia: (Laughs)

Jacque: Mrs. McBath, let me ask you for those out there dealing with various difficult times. How are you able to forgive Michael Dunn? You said publicly that, you know, you wouldn’t forget what he did, but you were able to forgive him.

Lucia: My faith in God, because God commands us to, no matter how heinous we’re treated by others. You know, that, what he has done, he has to deal with that issue, what he’s done, with God. mean that will be his discussion, that will be his heritage, his legacy, that he will have to deal with, with God. I’ve done what I am commanded to do, because I really do feel sorry for him. I know people think that I’m crazy when I say that, but I really do feel sorry for him.

Jacque: I think it’s commendable.

Tom: I know your husband doesn’t feel the same way.

Lucia: No, he does not. Ron does not feel the same way. But, you know, I also look at it too is that, you know, from a male/female perspective, you know, it’s going to be a little bit different. And he has to handle that the way that he needs to. I believe that he will in some time because he is a God-fearing man. I believe at some time he may, but he has to, you know, work through that process on his own.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Her Story – Lucia McBath Talks Forgiveness and More  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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