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We’ve all been there. You’re ready to dive into the most perfect, juicy burger. You take a bite, and everything just SPLATS onto your plate and you’re left with just the bun — the top one.

Scientists, like real life lab coat scientists, spent four years (equivalent to a full Obama term — are you grasping how serious this is?) perfecting how to hold a burger perfectly so nothing spills out. According to Kotaku, researchers performed a 3D scan on a burger and examined the particles when holding a large hamburger. They found that the way we normally hold it, four fingers on top and thumbs on the bottom, causes the food to fall out.

After many tests, they came to the conclusion that having three fingers on top and your thumbs and pinkies on the bottom, your burger is held more steady in your hands keeping the burger in tact.

The guys at Food Beasts tried the method in the video below, and their demonstration proved true!

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The perfect homemade ice cream sandwich

ice-cream sandwich

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Just the tip


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This might be the most useful of all


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Press your thumb in the middle of the burger so it cooks flat and not round


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Walking tacos

walking tacos


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Oreo pops

oreo pops

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No one likes crunchy cookies the next day. Keeps them soft by placing bread on top!


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Reheat pizza on the stove to keep the crust crispy


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