I’ve always believed your 20s, were your teens part two.

You’re old enough to know right from wrong, left from right. But there’s a lot about yourself you don’t know, here is a list of 12 essential things, activities, must haves and other really really important stuff you should do while your young.

1-Be Single

You have to be single  to enjoy the benefits of singledom  and when I say singledom, I don’t mean the ability to date everyone, I mean the growth and maturity that comes from being alone. You see things differently so single is a good thing.

Single ladies gif

2- Move Out of Town

Get out of your comfort zone. Quickly! Move to a different city where you don’t know anyone. You’ll have to depend on your smarts and need to learn how to survive on your own without the help of family and friends, but in the end it’ll make you stronger.


3-Quit Your Job

Employers believe entry-level employees are” lucky to be here.” If you’ve gotten too much of the “be happy you got a seat at the table” without enough “Good job, kid.” leave! You’ll be out of a job, but its much better to worry about fending for yourself when you’re young than if you have a family.

Tina Fey dancing

4-Start Your Start up

So now that you’ve quit your job, you have all this free time on your hands. Maybe you should start that express delivery paper clip business you’ve been thinking about. Or that cupcake bakery in which the batter is made out of recycled brown paper bags. Whatever idea you’ve been mulling around in your head, do it now! You don’t owe anyone anything and you don’t have to explain your actions, so start researching, get a business plan together, talk to investors, its best to do it now.

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5-Hike. Paint. Travel. Drink Wine. Play Chess. Get Cultured

Do whatever you need to do to develop a better sense of self. Do you like red or white wine? When playing Chess, does the bishop move horizontally or just back and forth? Do you even know how to play chess? What’s Morocco like in February? Ever tried fried Octopus? How good are you at improv? Find out the answers to all these questions.

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6-Perfect Your Hidden Talent

So Beyonce rules the world, right? Right! But what a lot of people don’t know is Mrs. Carter is actually a talented painter.  Not only is Mrs. Carter a great painter, legend has it, she’s the Queen of Connect 4! Who knew? Take the time to pursue your dreams, but don’t be afraid to tap into your other talents. You could use the name as a side hustle, or just as a means of relaxation.

bob ross painting

7-Define Happiness For Yourself

So when you’re in your 20s, happiness consists of loud music, clubs, cheap drinks and a hangover the next morning. But when you get older partying all the time may not do it for you. Maybe go to a museum, catch a play, invent an app, develop the treatment to “Titanic Part 2″ I don’t know, but don’t be afraid to pass on another “gnarly” night at the club with your friends. You’ve been to one club, you’ve been to them all.


8-Do something that scares you

As you can see, this cat is about to die because he’s skydiving. I suggest you follow in the cat’s paw steps and jump out of a plane, or go run with the bulls in Spain. It’s terrifying, scary, you might die, but if you survive, you’ll feel exhilarated.


9-Fall In Love

Falling in love is also equally terrifying because you have to be vulnerable to the other person in hopes they don’t destroy your feelings. But if you can fall in love and that person love you back, you’ll grow leaps and bounds and forgo all that selfish behavior that plagues you in your 20s.


10-Alter your physical appearance

Get a tattoo, or a piercing, dye your hair green, dress up for Halloween on March 3rd, do something different. Change the way you look so that way people will look at you differently, or to help you develop the confidence you need to have no matter what you look like on the outside.

Getting a tattoo

10-Write A Screenplay About Your Life

I mean, why not?

Writing A Screenplay Gif

11-Do what this guy is doing simply because it looks cool

It looks totally cool, and it might be illegal and dangerous but do it anyway.

12-Get your own place with decent furniture

So now that you’ve started that awesome start up and you’re finally seeing a profit, its time to get your own place. However much you want to pay for rent is your business, but do make sure your furniture is top notch! No green chair with mustard colored sofas.

Taj Mahal

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