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Everyone knows that I’m all about the kids and their education. So, for all my parents out there, do you feel like the Charlotte-Mecklenburg public school system is just not working for your child? Is there a private or chartered school you would like for your child to attend here in Charlotte, but you don’t have the money to pay for it? Well, I might have a solution for you! On February 1, 2014, a new program became available that would allow parents to explore private school options for their children for the August 2014 school year. The program is called the “Opportunity Scholarship” program and it would allow parents, who qualify, to receive up to $4,200 in scholarship money for their child to attend a private or chartered school. Only 2500 scholarships will be awarded. So parents you need to act fast and fill out your application today to get qualified. There are three ways to get more information:

1. Visit http://www.SchoolChoiceNorthCarolina.com (applications available on the site)

2. Call 1-855-75-CHOICE

3. Text “ACT” to {52886}

Remember, your child’s future is in your hands. Do your best to insure you’re giving your child the very best opportunity to succeed.