Jonathan Ferrell was unarmed when he was gunned down and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer, Randall Kerrick in the early morning of September 24th. Kerrick, who was one of three officers responding to a 911 call on the night of the shooting, fired 12 shots at Ferrell, hitting him 10 times.

Ferrell’s family, community activists and a host of other groups have been demanding justice. Early this week, a Grand Jury of 12 declined to indict the officer and made a written request to Prosecutors to submit a lesser charge against Kerrick.

Ferrell, a former Florida A&M Football player wrecked his car on the night of the shooting after dropping off a friend from work. Ferrell sought help from a resident near the accident, but the woman inside the home was frightened and called 911. When Police arrived, Ferrell apparently ran toward them for help.

Police say they called for Ferrell to stop. One of the officers then used a taser to stop Ferrell’s approach. The taser failed. Officer Kerrick then fired a hail of bullets at Ferrell at close range. After reviewing video from a dash board camera mounted in one of the police vehicles, Police Chief Rodney Monroe said Kerrick used excessive force.

Kerrick was subsequently charged with voluntary manslaughter. Because the 12 member grand jury declined to indict Kerrick this week, Prosecutors are expected to take Kerrick’s voluntary manslaughter case before a second full Grand Jury on Monday. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland, delves into this controversial shooting death in a thoughtful and passionate way on Praise 100.9 & 92.7, Charlotte’s Inspiration Station.


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