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With so much drama this season is Peter Gunz story with his longtime girlfriend, Tara Wallace and new wife, Amina Buddafly really all true ?

Rumors are swirling around that Gunz wanted to play his life out on the big screen for financial gain.  During one episode Gunz marriage to Amina Buddafly was revealed, and it even had Manager Rich Dollaz stating that his relationship with Erica Mena wasn’t even as bad, and that Gunz was the one who told him not to mix business with pleasure.

No matter what Gunz continues to hide his wife Amina, and she is determined to make it known. In last nights episode Yandy invited the whole female cast – excluding Erica Mena to  K. Michelle’s “Welcome to New York” party and word got back to Gunz that his lover and wife would be at the same party.  Amina Buddafly was stopped by Gunz when she opted to tell  Wallace about the relationship; Gunz said he would tell Wallace the next day.

So with this story my question to you out there who watch the show whose team are you on ? Team Gunz for loving two women and his past issues ? Team Amina for holding it down as a secret wife, and letting her man take care of his child ? Or Team Tara, the girlfriend, the “baby mama”,  who seems to still stick with a man who is no good ?

Will Gunz promises to both women be broken ?  This is going to be something serious in episodes to come.

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