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Stewart’s classmates from her hometown of Great Falls, S.C. attended, as did a contingent of friends from the DMV.

The tributes ranged from poignant to humorous such as her love of hair, make up and fashion. She was remembered for dedication to the community, connecting people to each other and championing others.

“Sheila made all of us seem bigger than we really were,” Tucker said.

Radio One’s Wegmann read a letter from the White House and the Obamas. Washington Football Team’s Owner Daniel Snyder sent a flag for Stewart, who was friends with Snyder’s wife Tanya. The Washington Football Team flag was draped over Stewart’s coffin for the recessional.

Drawing on lyrics from Michael Jackson’s hit and the book of Isaiah, Bishop Claude Alexander, Jr. said Stewart’s death and recent death’s in his family made him question why the good and godly die early and the devilish live long.

“When people go too soon it is God keeping them from something more worse than they can imagine,” he said.

Listing people such as Alexander the Great, JFK, MLK, Malcolm and others, Alexander said although Stewart died too soon, she led a full life.

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