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Actress Maia Campbell from Debbie Allen’s hit sitcom “In The House” called into the TT Torrez Show to girl talk about her recently released episode of ‘Life After’ on TVOne, making a comeback in the entertainment industry, how she got on drugs and more.

Maia opens up relating her life to Lauren London’s character on ‘The Game.’ She said she could relate to being a child star and then trying to transition into an adult. Maia said it was hard.

On being on ‘Life After’:

Maia said her life is an open book. She said telling her story was therapeutic for her and wasn’t hard for her. She admits to making mistakes in her life and turned her life around. She said this is her moment and her chance to say she’s still worthy.

On the defining moment she knew she had the turn her life around:

Maia said her daughter was the defining moment. She says she had to become a good role model for her daughter.

On the biggest mistake she’s made:

Maia admitted that using drugs was her biggest mistake. Also, self-hatred and running away from her problems.

On when she started using drugs and her drug(s) of choice:

Maia said she was young when she started using drugs. She said she used various drugs but she has been clean for four years now and remaining healthy.

On the reason she decided to use drugs:

Maia admitted it was childhood issues. She said it was something that was introduced to her as a child by her parents/father.

On if she finds herself having to gain trust from directors now after the negative media attention:

Maia said she has learned that there are true believers and she has a true friend in God and herself. She said it doesn’t matter who in the flesh would deny her.

On her relationships with Debbie Allen and LL Cool J on and off the set:

Maia said her relationships with Debbie & LL Cool J was cordial and friendly, like family. They were humorous and always cracking jokes. Maia said Debbie Allen taught her a lot about searching out her dream with her craft and to never stop believing in her dream. Maia said she has taught her daughter the same, being that her daughter dreams of being an actress. Maia said her daughter has landed some acting gigs.

On how she’s protecting her daughter from falling victim to the industry:

Maia said her daughter only listens to her father and that she does not have an agent yet. She said she needs to study acting and trained more before she lands something like a TV show.

On her new reality show:

Maia said her producers are still shopping a network for her show but have been looking at networks like Spike and OWN. She said no one has made a complete offer yet.

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