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Why is that we always want what we don’t have? Back in the days when I wore shoulder-length straight hair, I wanted curly hair–a looser curl that had a ton of body and shine to it. But how to achieve that look was anyone’s guess.

From sponge rollers, which always left a dent, to small-barreled hair curling irons that always seemed to leave nasty burns on my delicate digits I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted–the kind that didn’t involve my hair stylist Mom and plenty of at-home curling blunders.

Fast-forward to present day and here we have Infiniti Pro Curl Secret by Conair ($99.99, Ulta Stores and online). A tool that looks a little scary until you get up close and personal to understand it’s capabilities. This system is basically fool-proof, unless you’re me who got a few strands stuck in the ceramic chamber at testing time. Tzzzhe chamber that churns out the most lovely curls I must say when you finally get the hang of this tool. Don’t be alarmed ladies, I recovered the entire length of those strands without further incident.

‘Infiniti’ is one of my “Best in Tools” because it really does make getting extraordinary curls rather easy. The benefits? There’s no wear and tear on your shoulders and you won’t suffer from finger burn as a result of using this hair tool.

If you don’t view the video, then follow these steps to attain your dream ‘do:

Step 1: Start with tangle-free, clean, dry hair.

Step 2: Make sure the Curl Chamber is facing your head.

Step 3: Open the handles and place a 1-½ section of hair in the Curl Chamber.

Step 4: Close the handles and watch as your hair is automatically drawn into the device and comes out 8-12 seconds later (you choose the time) with a beautifully-formed spiral curl.

Step 5: Once you hear four rapid succession beeps, open the handles and release that section of hair and repeat until your entire head is completed.

For those of you concerned with whether ‘Infiniti’ will burn your hair? Don’t be. It heats up to 400 F and stops sending heat to your hair after a maximum of 12 seconds in the curl chamber.

The verdict: B+. ‘Infiniti’ does take some getting used to, but when you’ve finally mastered the ways of this machine, you’ll be a curling aficionado.


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