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Ladies (and gentlemen) our favorite show, “Scandal”, has finally returned! Yes, that’s right, Kerry Washington is back as America’s infamous “fixer,” Olivia Pope and last night wigs were snatched as we slid back into her drama with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), Mellie (Bellamy Young), the “Gladiators” at Pope &  Associates and the mysterious man we now know is Liv’s dad (Joe Morton). Now if you’re anything like me, then watching “Scandal” every week is enough to raise your blood pressure and if for one minute you slip away for a sip of wine, you’re bound to get lost in the fast-paced dialogue before Olivia utters her famous line, “it’s handled.” In case you weren’t taking notes on the “Scandal” premiere, or following our #ScandalParty on Twitter (@HelloBeautiful), here are a few things to remember for next week’s episode.

1. Daddy Pope is a Boss

Olivia’s father, Rowan Pope, is the baddest man on TV right now! After news broke that Liv was the President’s mistress, Daddy Pope came and scooped Olivia up so fast she didn’t even have the chance to finish her early morning jog! He charted a private plane for his daughter and tried to strong-arm her into “disappearing” by fleeing the country for eight months until the whole scandal blew over. Liv considered her father’s bargain at first, and how could she not after he straight up told her, “You are getting on that plane come hell or high water,” adding, “And to be clear, I am the hell. And the high water.” Uh, we already saw what he did to Jake last season! But after speaking with Cyrus, Olivia decides to handle things her own way and that it’s best that she stay in DC and continue a normal life. Boy was she in for a rude awakening. What exactly does “normal” mean when you’re already Olivia Pope and now the press is camped out at your house?

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