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Former Mayor Harvey Gantt publicly endorsed James “Smuggie” Mitchell for mayor during a press conference this morning. Gantt along with former county commissioner Harold Cogdell, city council members David Howard and LaWana Mayfield and several others flanked Mitchell during the brief press conference. Each lauded Mitchell’s skills, experience and ability to continue former Mayor Anthony Foxx’s legacy.

Mitchell said he was humbled by Gantt’s endorsement.

Gantt said he was impressed with how much Mitchell has grown since first taking office. He said Mitchell has demonstrated the ability to build coalitions in neighborhoods, the business community and the uptown developers.

“This man can walk across the spectrum of constituencies across the city,” Gantt said. “I think he understands what it’s going to take to build a great city.”

Harvey Gantt Endorses James “Smuggie” Mitchell For Mayor  was originally published on praisecharlotte.com