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Leave it to Kanye West and his lofty expectations. The man who recently claimed he was a god on his last album is holding out on publicly debuting his newborn daughter North West because he wants her to debut on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Yes, you read correctly. Kanye West wants Vogue magazine to dedicate a whole cover and cover story to Kim Kardashian and his daughter. Radar Online reports that while Kanye is a super fan of the magazine and its Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour. However, the feelings aren’t mutual. Anna Wintour isn’t a big supporter of reality stars and hates the idea of reality stars gracing the cover of her magazine.

Despite his baby momma being one of the most ubiqutitous reality stars that ever lived, Kanye believes he can convince Wintour to bend to his request. for some reason, I don’t think this will happen for the simple fact that Kimye reportedly angered Anna Wintour when they arrived to the Met Gala in a dress designed by a someone other than the designer Wintour assigned to them. As chair of the Met Gala, Wintour comes up with the theme and pairs each guest with the designer they are to wear. And there’s really one rule in fashion, don’t cross Anna Wintour.



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