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If you had any questions as to why America is the second unhealthiest nation in the world, the article “10 American Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries” will quickly clear up any confusion. The post — which will have you saying ‘ewwwww’ for its entirety — highlights all the disgusting foods that are illegal in other countries, yet manage to get the FDA’s stamp of approval.

Check out a few items on the list that made us queasy.

Arsenic-Laced Chicken — Arsenic based drugs are approved for use in America because they make animals grow quicker and make the meat appear pinker a.k.a. fresh. Yuck.

Banned in: The European Union

Farm-Raised Salmon — According to the article, it’s best to steer clear from any salmon that claims to be ‘Atlantic salmon.’ Chances are it’s genetically modified, which isn’t too good for your health. Alaska salmon and sockeye salmon is the way to go.

Banned in: Australia and New Zealand.

Flame retardant drinks a.k.a. Mountain Don’t — Many citrus-flavored sodas (Mountain Dew) and sports drinks in the U.S. contain a nasty synthetic chemical called brominated vegetable oil (BVO) which was originally patented by chemical companies as a flame retardant. While the FDA claims it’s “generally recognized as safe,” we’re thinking it’s better to avoid altogether.

Banned in: Europe and Japan.

Dairy products laced with rBGH — Recombinant bovine growth hormone, rGBH, which is used to increase milk production in cows, has been found to increase humans’ risk for prostate and breast cancer.

Banned in: Australia, New Zealand, Israel, EU and Canada.

After reading the full list, we hope you make a few dietary changes ASAP. We know we will.

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