I guess fathering 22 kids in this day and age is amazing to many people. However, when you add the fact that you can’t take of them to the equation…now that becomes a big issue… especially for me and you. See, when men like this fail to take care of their kids, not only do the kids suffer, but taxpayers suffer too.

Orlando Shaw from Nashville, Tennessee is that man! Shaw has fathered 22 children by 14 different women. News Channel 5 caught him walking out of a child support hearing a few months ago. When they asked him why he had some many children he said “I was just young and ambitious and I love women. Hey, you can’t knock no man for loving a woman.” Well, in my opinion, you can knock a man for loving a women, especially if he can’t afford to take care of them.

Reportedly, the state of Tennessee is paying roughly $7,000 per month in support of Shaw’s 22 children. But maybe…just maybe… help is on the way! Apparently, after the news station interview him and posted the video, it went viral. Now it is rumored that the “deadbeat dad” may get his own reality show and can provide some financial support for his 22 children! This is crazy…shaking my head!!!!

Check out the news station interview.

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