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One of the newest members of VH1′s new reality show “R&B Divas L.A” and one of the former members of “City High,” Claudette Ortiz called into the TT Torrez Show recently to talk about a few things such as being a new cast member on the show, her biggest mistakes, if she and Wyclef were ever in a relationship AND she explains why the group “City High” broke up. She also talked about her struggles of going from rich and famous to broke and homeless.

Check it out:

On why singing group ‘City High’ broke up:

“There was a lot of drama before the group even came out, right before we signed the deal. I used to date Robbie. When I was 16 it was an abusive, crazy relationship. It was humiliating, and just an everyday torment. He had an alcohol and drug addiction. I couldn’t be in that situation but I still had this opportunity to be in this group and I made the decision to be in the group even though I knew he was going to be a part of it and I knew what I would have to deal with. I choose to not be in any type of romantic relationship with him, so I thought that would dissipate since we all had a goal in mind. So we got in the group and at this point he was tormenting me through that so it was hard for me to enjoy being on the road and things like that. On the business side he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to do. He would go to radio interviews and pass out during the shows, he wouldn’t show up to shows because he was drunk. He even got drunk before the Grammys. This was his struggling but this was the things we had to go through. When I turned 18, because Ryan was my best friend and only person who had my back. We ended up getting together and got married for 11 years and had children…. We knew each other for a long time and Robbie didn’t respect anybody, so he wasn’t even a concern. I didn’t feel like I owed him anything or anybody else. This was somebody (Ryan) that I married and was with for years and had children with this person. So it’s a little hurtful that people viewed things a certain way and have their judgment about the way I choose to go about things. I don’t regret nothing or owe any explanations for the decision I made. I was the victim at that time but I am no longer a victim because I choose to get out. I really hate to relive it. The reason I left city high was because at 21 I had my first son and I had to rethink the environment I was going to be raising my child in. So I decide to leave the group.”

On her solo career:

“Yes I never stop working. I bumped heads with (record company) the direction of where we wanted the music to go. I was raising my children and trying to stay in school at the same time, just be a career mom. It was hard to juggle, so I was trying to figure out the do my music and raise my children at the same time. So, I was in real estate and owned business as well but they plummeted. I hit rock bottom and I was at a cross roads when VH1 producers approached me to be on the show. It came just in time and it was a blessing for me and my family.”

On hitting ‘rock bottom’:

“I understood the struggle because I struggled as a child, but I didn’t struggle as a grown women with children. I went back to those memories on how to survive during hard times. Of course I had family members that kept me strong, and my spirituality, my prayer life, god kept me. I was ready to in list into the air force reserve because I wanted to continue to educate myself, but I could not afford to go to school and work and take care of my children. So I thought that would be the best road to take, but it ended up at the same date that I would take my final test for the air force, was the date I had to fly out to L.A. to do ‘R&B Divas of L.A.’ I had to make a choice. I worried was that I didn’t want to do this and be left back later on in the same position because this business can be good one day and be bad the next.”

On what she wants from “R&B Divas”:

“On the career side what I would I like to gain from it is to be able to grasp all the opportunities I can grasp that will help me in a positive light so I can provide for my children and family long term. On the other side of things I want to be able to speak to people and start foundations for people who are in the position I was in 4 months ago. That’s the reason I decided to go with ‘R&B Divas of L.A’”

On her biggest mistakes:

Everything that I went through made me who I am today. I learn from those things. I’m in a better place spirituality and mentally. I would just choose my lawyers and representation more wisely.

Did she ever date Wyclef?:

“No not at all. He is way older than me. I was a child when I met him. He is a good mentor though. I speak to him every once in awhile. He may call me to do a show with him every now and then. I more so speak to Jeremy Wonder, who is his right hand man. I do a lot of work with him in the studio. He is a dope producer.”

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