In what seems to be a senseless shooting,  Hawthorne, Ca. police attempt to arrest a man and when his pet Rottweiler shows concern…they open fire on and killed  it.

The dog was fatally shot, while its owner, Leon Rosby  was detained by officers as police removed an armed robbery suspect from a nearby house. It’s not clear why Rosby was handcuffed, but the dog seem to lung at officers in a more protective stance over his owner yet was shot multiple times and killed.

Three police officers have been pulled from street duty for their safety in Southern California after this widely circulated video got attention sparkink numerous death threats and a formal targeting by hacker group “Anonymous”.

Below is the violent act which begins at 2:10 mark while man is putting his dog in the car:

Below is the full video kinda showing what the man did to provoke the officers during an armed roberry arrest in the neighborhood:

Belowis the enotional interview from Leon Rosby over his dog:

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