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The dads who are locked up are mostly in their 20s and 30s and are serving time on drug and gun charges. Many will get a second chance to be a positive part of their daughters’ lives and hopefully are even more adamant about it now that the seed has been planted with the dance.

Said one dad, “I thought I needed material things to make my daughter happy, when what I needed was right in front of my face.”

If you’re a dad or a mom who may be letting work, money, or a bad relationship with an ex get in the way of bonding with your child, think about these fathers who would give anything to have a chance to make things right.  And if you’re the person impeding your child’s contact with his or her father, this is the day to let that go.  You just might be the link to giving them both the most important love they will ever know.

If you’re physically near your children, think about this story and what you would do or say if for some reason you had to be away from them for an extended period of time.  Say those words to them or write the words down. Every year I write a letter to my sons on their birthdays to let them know how special they are because I don’t ever want them to have a doubt about what they mean to me.  Kids need to know that as parents, we realize that we aren’t perfect. If we ask them to forgive us, they’ll be much more likely to be honest about the mistakes they make. I’ve gotten my share of “I’m sorry” notes and hugs and I cherish each one.

We all fall short and we all should be grateful when we get a second chance.

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