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Survivors of Domestic Violence are often haunted by memories of abuse. After having escaped from verbal and physical assault, survivors of Domestic Violence can exist in a perpetual state of fear and loathing. The abuse of their tormentor is always with them. But a life without fear and the lingering memories of physical abuse is possible. Organizers of the CELEBRATING LIFE INTERNATIONAL ANTI-VIOLENCE CAMPAIGN have embarked on empowering survivors of domestic violence, bullying and sexual abuse to live a thriving life. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland, talked with Author and Motivational Speaker, Gurmay F. Darlington and Khadija Wali-Uhud, Founder of both Jazzundaground International and Mother Khadija’s Domestic Violence for Youth Foundation, about their new and burgeoning campaign to help survivors of violence..[audio

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