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If you thought women are the only ones who should be concerned to go on dates with strangers, fellas, think again.

Shaun Paul Williams, 34, was assaulted and mugged by a woman and two unidentified male companions last Friday during what could easily summed up as a date from hell. Officials found Williams nude and bloodied while walking on the shoulder of State Road 100 in Bunnell, Florida near a cow pasture.

Williams told police that he met the unidentified woman at a convenience store in Daytona Beach a couple weeks prior. The two struck up a friendly conversation and kept in touch. They later arranged a time to go out on June 14th and planned to meet in front of the same convenience store they first met. However, when homegirl arrived, she had two random guys in her back seat, one of which she claimed was her brother. She told Williams that she would take him out to dinner once she dropped the dudes off, but after a few minutes on the road she suddenly stopped after her ‘brother’ instructed her to pull over to “wait for a friend.” She then backed into an empty cow pasture to wait.

Williams stepped out of the vehicle  momentarily to pee when out of nowhere he was hit in the face with a “hard metal object.” He fell to the ground bleeding when one of the random goons from the backseat told him to give him all his money…and his clothes. Williams couldn’t believe it, but when he opened his eyes and saw a pistol pointed straight in his face, he knew they weren’t playing around. After complying with their demands, the three suspects hopped in the car an took off, getting away with $200 cash, a pre-paid cell phone, Williams’ Florida license, tank, pants and sneakers. Sadness.

When police found the disoriented Williams wandering the highway, they immediately took him to the hospital where he was treated for lacerations on his head. Williams says he’ll never feel safe to go on a date ever again….sike! But hey, we wouldn’t blame him if he did.

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