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One of the newest members of “Love & Hip Hop New York,” Jen “The Pen,” called into the TT Torrez Show to girl talk about a few things such as the racist comment she made to Raqi Thunda during an argument, how she and Consequence are raising their son in a different religion than herself, on their financial situation and much more!

Check it out: 

On if reality television has been good to her since she started:

Jen said financially it has been great. She said before the show she didn’t have a job so the show has been good to her. Jen said outside of the show, she’s about to start working with VH1 with hosting a show. She said she didn’t want to spread herself too thin and she wants to make sure she’s dedicating 150% to any project she’s involved in

On the racist comment she made to Raqi Thunda in the heat of an argument:

Jen said her statement was NOT racist. She said no racist remark ever came out of her mouth. Jen said she reacted to Raqi in that way because of the lies she was making up about her baby daddy, Consequence and that she was using Jen because she’s WHITE to get a gig on Hot 97. Jen said she doesn’t feel like she’s better than anyone or entitled to anything because she’s white.

On if she feels the need to constantly defend herself after her comment:

Jen said she does feel like she’s constantly defending herself but she says she has no problem doing it because she’s confident in who she is and her beliefs.

On if she talked to Consequence about religion prior to starting a family:

Jen said they did have conversations about religion before she had his son but the conversations weren’t that deep. She did say before she had her son that they did discuss their son would grow up in the Muslim faith.

On the importance of sharing Christmas with her son:

Jen said Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ and that she wanted to instill in her son what her mother instilled in her as a child. On the show, Jen never said anything about celebrating the birth of Jesus. It was all about the giving gifts.

On how she and Consequence got together:

Jen said she met Consequence back when she was doing radio at Sirius Satellite with DJ Whoo Kid. She said she told Consequence he was on her vision board and that’s how it all began.

On if Consequence is going against his Muslim faith by being in a relationship with her being that she’s white:

Jen said no he is not. She said Muslim men are allowed to date white, Protestant women.

On people criticizing her for being “weak” in her relationship with Consequence:

Jen said she’s NOT weak. She said she’s the reason they’re both even on the show. She said the cameras caught her in vulnerable situations but they go through the same type problems regular couples go through.

On why Consequence wouldn’t give Jen the money for their son’s first birthday:

Jen said she wanted a HUGE first birthday since they’re raising him as Muslim. Consequence wasn’t feeling it. He said Jen just wanted things she couldn’t even put money in for. Jen said they are in a good space financially.

On what was going on in her mind when Consequence and Joe Budden got into an altercation:

Jen said she has a story to tell about that situation but she can’t talk about it right now.

On her relationship with her other castmates:

Jen said her relationship with her castmates is good. She said she’s cool with everyone but Raqui. She said she’s not sure if she’ll ever be cool with Raqi again.

“Love & Hip Hop” Star Jen “The Pen” Talks How She Has To Constantly Defend Herself After Her “Racist” Remark  was originally published on ipowerrichmond.com

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