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March 13th, in Washington, Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Department of Justice chief Attorney General Eric Holder announced a series of programs to reduce instances of domestic violence.

The DVHP Initiative, which was launched by the Justice Department’s Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), offers grants to 12 cities and counties creating state and local programs focusing on identifying victims and keeping a close watch on the actions of high-risk and repeat offenders. The DVHP Initiative is modeled after plans laid out previously in Maryland and Massachusetts.

Vice President Biden stated:

Every single day in America, three women die at the hands of their boyfriend, or their husband, or their ex-husband. Many of these women have been threatened or severely abused in the past. We know what risk factors put someone in greater danger of being killed by the person they love – and that also means we have the opportunity to step in and try to prevent these murders. That’s why these grants are so important. They’ll help stop violence before it turns deadly.

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