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To honor sixty years of boobies and whoo-haas, super-model elitist, Kate Moss has been tapped to grace the cover of Playboy‘s 60th anniversary edition. The top-secret cover shoot is rumored to take place at the end of March in London and is to be shot by famed photographers Mert and Marcus.

The 5-foot-7 U.K. model, with an estimated net worth of $70 million, is considered to be the creme de la creme in the fashion world and is a personal favorite of mine. My girl crush on Kate knows no bounds. Peep why (in my eyes) Kate can do no wrong and a past look at some of Playboy’s most famous covers.

1. She doesn’t give a FUDGE!

Kate Moss will get naked at the drop of a dime and not think twice about it, and I love her for that! As quoted saying “It’s just work” the super model has taken risqué photos bearing her lady parts to the world in a very “so what” kind of way. It’s refreshing to see a woman be so comfortable in her own skin. Whether you agree with it or not, you’ve got to respect a woman who does her own thing and lives by her own rules.

2. She gives good face

So you’re not a fan of how small she is. That’s fine! But what you can’t deny is Kate Moss’ striking good looks. The woman gives good face! Every pose. Every look. Every glance at the camera those hazel eyes and high cheekbones stand out and reign supreme. The camera loves Kate and so do I.

3. She’s modeled for the best

Calvin Klein. Christian Dior. Gucci. Chanel. Bvlgari. The list goes on. High profile designers have all called on Kate Moss to strut down the runway in their latest threads because they know the power she brings.

4. Controversy catapulted her to rock star status

In 2005, “The Daily Mail” released a series of photos showing Kate Moss using cocaine. In the weeks that followed, she lost several high-profiled fashion endorsements and issued an apology.  The next year she went onto earn a reported $5 million from other fashion deals she landed. #swag

5. She’s a fashion icon

You might not be about the size-zero life. Neither am I. Her waif figured body might not do much for you. That’s cool. But Kate is here to stay. At 39 years old, the super model can school all the young floosies walking down the runway and still give them a run for their money. Although she didn’t come in with the first wave of super models, aka Cindy, Naomi and Christy, she created her own lane and did so with such boldness. You gotta respect it.

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