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I am a lover of ink. The sensation I get when I hear the buzzing sound from a tattoo needle is addictive! Like most people now-a-days, I have more than a handful of skin candy myself (No. I’m not telling you where) but some celebs, who never have to worry about getting a regular 9-5, have gone off the deep end and gotten out of hand with body art!

Kimbella (Love & Hip Hop) was my inspiration for this article. The buxom vixen posted a photo on her Instagram account during her vacation with baby’s father Juelz Santana. It was all sunny glory until we noticed the Chia Pet growing from her panty line. Followers instantly attacked the image. They were just as confused as I, until one smart person noted, it’s her tattoo! Whew. That was a close one!

It raises an even bigger issue. Celebs and their dumb a** tattoos!

This is what it looks like–minus the hair like structures:

In light of Kimbella’s bush, we’ve put together the top 10 worst celebrity tattoos known to man (or Giant).

The Game

Just when you think The Game couldn’t do anything more stupid to p*ss you off besides spitting in people’s faces, pushing women off stages and cancelling his wedding–two or three times, he gets a tattoo of his hometown “Compton” on his stomach right beside an image of Dr. Dre. For the sake of brevity, we’re going end this one on a–Boy Bye!

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