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Tim Johnson is a beauty and fashion mogul, known for showcasing the nation’s top hair and fashion talent. With over 25 years of experience in both the beauty and fashion industries it is safe to say that he is an authority.  Johnson travels internationally facilitating highly publicized events, engaging the audience with visual presentations that leave the spectators intrigued and inspired. His standing room only training sessions are visually intense as he challenges attendees to re-think what they know about hair, makeup and fashion. He is a motivational speaker, a captivating host who has a way of stirring the environment with electricity and hope.  He is able to speak to the heart of those who are in attendance and cause them to want to do more.

Johnson’s knowledge of the “business” is evident in the events he has produced, coordinated and or commentated:  Arkansas Hair Battles, Anheiser Busch Budweiser Classic Cuts Competition Tour, the Golden Scissors Awards and Bronner Brothers, Inc. (BB) International Hair & Fashion Show, The CIAA Basketball Tournament Fashion Show.

Johnson has promoted and endorsed such national product lines as Proctor and Gamble’s Pantene Relaxed and Natural, Mizani by L’Oreal,  RedPro Ceramic irons, Bronner Brothers Nu Expressions Hair line and serves as BB International Hair & Fashion Show spokesperson. Johnson is a highly sought after educator and motivational speaker and is currently writing his first motivational book, “Ten Commandments to Live Your Best Life Ever.”  It is Johnson’s hope that this book will motivate others to be the best they can be using the experience and wisdom he has gained during his life’s journey.

Tim Johnson To Speak At Women’s Empowerment 2013 Seminar  was originally published on foxync.com

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