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Rick Ross, Jay Z and Dr. Dre may be in some trouble with some Gospel Gangsta’s!! LOL

Rick Ross is facing yet another bump in his  career as a rapper and record label big boss. The Maybach Music Group mogul, along with other Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, has been sued by a couple of songwriters for what they claimed as an unauthorized “3 Kings” sample.

The Crowns of Glory (Gospel Group) consists of Ciara Shepherd Warrick and Jimmy Lee Weary. In the lawsuit, it claims that Rozay never contacted them for permission or were ever compensated. Although Jimmy Lee Weary received a writing credit, Warrick was not included.

Warrick and Weary are unhappy with the contents of the song and video. The lawsuit explains that “the video includes very graphic depictions of drug use, vulgarity, nudity, gun violence, criminal conduct, actions demeaning to women and many other items that are certainly inconsistent with Plaintiffs’ wishes for how Plaintiffs’ song would be portrayed.”

Warrick and Weary are suing for infringement, unfair trade practices, unfair competition by misappropriation, conversion and unjust enrichment. Hopefully the 3 Kings can work it out!