On January 20, 2013 the inauguration President Barack Obama will be taking the oath of office that officially begins his second term as President of the United States.

*The history of presidential inaugurations can be traced back to that of George Washington on April 30, 1789.

**Inaugurations are never held on Sundays. If January 20 falls on a Sunday, the oath is then given privately on Saturday or on Sunday and then the public inauguration day celebrations are held on Monday with the oath repeated.

*The first inauguration actually held in Washington, D.C. was the March 4, 1801 swearing-in of Thomas Jefferson. Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first president to be sworn in on the specific date of January 20 in 1937, a change brought about by the 20th Amendment to the Constitution.

*Although not officially part of the official oath, George Washington is credited with adding this line after he finished the oath during his first inauguration. Most Presidents have also uttered this phrase at the end of their oaths. Theodore Roosevelt, however, decided to end his oath with the phrase, “And thus I swear.”

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