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Although at first sight the two names in this headline might raise a few eyebrows, there seems to be a buzz about a future project co-starring and co-executive produced by Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer after both of them appear to now be open for collaborations this year.

Inside scoop from Deadline reports that this could be the biggest star pairing in a very long time for featured sitcoms. Lawrence & Grammer have allegedly been in talks since November 2012 about joining forces for a show that would have an Odd Couple feel with two main characters from vastly different backgrounds sharing a Manhattan apartment coupled with all the laughs, debauchery, conflict and schemes associated with their friendship.

Reportedly placed on the fact track toward production, the sitcom will be produced for Lionsgate TV and could air very soon. To find out more about the show in its early stages of development, visit the links below. Would you tune in to catch the comedic action on the show if it were to come to life? Share your thoughts with us below on the message board.


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