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In a recent interview, “A Haunted House” star Marlon Wayans talked about his return to the big screen in a new horror-comedy that has everyone either toppled over in laughter or somewhere with their sides split already from its spoof on one of the horror film circuit’s biggest movements.

Wayans says “A Haunted House” is “Paranormal Activity” if it happened to a black couple. So it shows our reactions, which are way different from white people.”

Will it turn multicultural audiences off though? Not so says the stand-up comedian and TV/film actor. “It will be interesting for white people to come see this movie because in this movie, we do the opposite of what they do.” Wayans added “They’re gonna get a big kick out of it.” Click on the link below for the complete interview.

Catch the official trailer below and let us know if you’ll be headed to the theaters next weekend to check out the new movie.


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Marlon Wayans’ “A Haunted House” in Theaters January 11th  was originally published on kissrichmond.com