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Attendees at this year’s annual Raleigh Christmas Parade got a surprise. Radio station G-105 thought it would be cool to include a little culture in their float and decided to include “Tyrone The Black Fairy,” a stuffed fairy hanging from the back of their float truck, as a part of their presentation. What was this supposed to be an ode to? Racial insensitivity? Not cool at all G-105. Not only does it lead us to believe you don’t value minorities, it stands directly opposite of what the holiday season is about.

When asked about why they allowed the station to put “Tyrone the Black Fairy” in the parade a spokesperson from the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association said they were unaware that Tyrone would be in the parade. They said they were under the impression that he would be floating over the air and not hanging from the back.

I don’t know about you but I am outraged. If you are too, please call Chris Edge at G-105 to complain. You can reach him at 919-878-1500.

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